News From the Greenhouse

The greenhouse is in “winter mode”.  We are now concentrating on the inside plants and we are working on providing a relaxing area in which to sit and rock (in the chair provided) and/or meditate.  Please come in and enjoy!

Thank you to all of you who commented on the beauty of the Spring and Summer outside gardens.  We pride ourselves on our creativity, planning and hard work.

We meet each Monday morning to water existing plants and perhaps to neaten up and/or separate the older plants we have.  We ask that you check with us before you drop off your stray plants.  Sometimes we cannot use them because we already have many plants and we try to prevent bugs and disease coming into the greenhouse  The extra plants we cannot keep go onto the free table in the dining room.  The diseased ones are eliminated.  We enjoy adding new plants that are unusual and not too large due to our space limitations but please check with us before bringing the in!

Please Note: Generally, the inside plants are not for sale in the winter months.

Carole, Sharon, Jill, Barbara and Pat ~ The Greenhouse Girls