News From the Greenhouse

It is winter and we Greenhouse Girls really enjoy focusing on the watering and neatening of our vast array of plants each Monday morning.  We get to recognize the various plants quite well, note their light appropriate placements around the room, but become concerned when one is suddenly missing.  May we remind you again that none are for sale as we are often grooming them for propagation of their “babies” for sale at a later date.

Do check with us before dropping off stray plants.  Sometimes we cannot use them, either because we have many of the variety, or they have noted disease or insects.  We enjoy adding unusual plants that are not too large due to our space limitations.

We welcome people to come into the inside greenhouse to enjoy the peace and quiet.  We also welcome people to see us on Monday mornings to answer questions.

In general, January is our quiet month.  February and March become our tomato propagating months.  April begins another glorious gardening season!

Carole, Sharon, Jill, Barbara and Pat ~ The Greenhouse Girls