NEWS to Seniors!

Dear Seniors,
I am so happy to announce that
as of today, I have received $112,
382.00 in grant funds for our new fiscal
year! We are off to a great start
and I am hopeful we will continue
with more funding opportunities to
help increase our already extensive
list of activities and programs! Last
year, I was able to bring in (through
grant writing, fundraising, and donations)
and with the help of my wonderful
and dedicated staff and volunteers—(drum
roll please…………..
$178, 012.00 for our residents!) YAY!
100% of funds raised go directly to
the programs & services I establish
for our Montville seniors & social services
clients. I look forward to continuing
this success and offering even
more for our seniors !!! Thank you
for making my job so enjoyable!
~ Kathie Peck