Scan Card Rewards

Please use your SCAN CARD every time you visit the Senior Center and be sure to select all classes, programs and rooms you will be utilizing while you are in the building.  For example, if you are taking aerobics class, using the library and having lunch on the day you visit, you need to select all three options on the touch screen after scanning your card.  Scanning in is required, not optional.

Scan In To Win!

When you scan in, look for the balloon icon.  Be sure to select it, and you will be entered to win a prize at the end of the month.  The more days you scan in, the better odds you have to win!  And remember…please select ALL program, class and service icons for which you are attending on the day you visit.

By scanning your card, we can gather the statistics to show the usage of the Senior Center.  This information is helpful and can lead to better program and service funding in the future.  If you don’t have a Scan Card or you are not sure how to use it, please stop by Reception and we can help.