Post Cancer Class: Surviving-N-Moving

New Class Surviving-N-Moving Class to begin the week of June 19th, time and date to be announced.  Instructor Donna Scott is trained and certified as a Certified Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Training Specialist (CES) with over 8 years of combined personal/group training experience. As a CES she has studied exercise implications and contraindications for 25 types of cancer, surgery, reconstruction and treatments, breast reconstruction and contraindications to exercise, about preventing and identifying lymphedema and cancer related pain, mental and physical fatigue during cancer treatment, and conducting postural assessments and working with medical professionals as needed
Following cancer surgery and treatment there are numerous physically debilitating side effects that cancer clients have become accustomed to living with.  Based on her training, Donna Scott have developed, “Surviving-N-Moving”, so cancer survivors no longer have to accept the fact that they have to live with limited range of motion, poor posture, neck and back pain, lymphedema, chronic fatigue, and many other symptoms, following their surgery/treatment.  Through this simple group exercise program combining cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, balance, flexibility and relaxation techniques, many of the agonizing problems survivors experience can be made more tolerable.  Besides the physical aspects that cancer survivors gain from exercise, getting together in a group setting creates a community, sharing common struggles where each member becomes accountable to one another and friendships develop. This 11 week – twice a week program is $110.00 which is due to the instructor at the time of first class and contains the following elements: Short “centering” meditation Low impact movement Resistance/Strength training with light weights or bands Flexibility and Balance Stretching Cool down/Relaxation All participants must receive medical clearance from their Doctor before beginning the program and complete a Health History Questionnaire, and a Quality of Life Questionnaire. The class minimum is 8 and the class maximum is 15 so she can personalize her attention to each and every student.  For more information or to sign up please call Donna Scott at 860-961-4507.