“Take Your Best Shot” Camera Club

Meets on the first Wednesday of the month from 10:00-11:45am


Call (860) 434-4127 to sign up


Upcoming Camera Workshops & Events:

August 3rd 10:00am-Photographing Light, Shadow, Reflections & Patterns
September 7th 10:00am-Editing and Taking pictures with iPhones 101
October 5th 10:00am– Photo Matting & Framing Basics
November 2nd 10:00am– Camera Club Members choosing to exhibit in
December will bring in their pieces for advice on framing their pieces.
November 30th 10:00am– Hang Photography Exhibit at the OL Town Hall
December 1-30st-”Take Your Best Shot Camera Club” will be exhibiting
their framed photographs at Old Lyme Town Hall.