The Renter Rebate Program through the State of CT provides a rebate to renters who are elderly or disabled. The
Senior Center is currently unable to take appointments in the office. All applicants who previously applied have
been contacted with instructions about how to apply this year. Any new applicants can contact the Senior Center
office with questions. The application period runs until October 1st. Please be sure to have your
SSA1099 for 2019 or its equivalent from Social Security as it is required in order to process an application.
To be eligible:
1. An applicant or the spouse must be 65 or older; or be 100% disabled (per Social Security);
or be 50 and a surviving spouse.
2. Must have lived in Connecticut for 1 year.
3. Total 2019 income which includes Social Security must not exceed:
Married $45,100
Single $37,000
If you collect Social Security, you must provide your SSA1099 for 2019.
4. Thirty-five percent of the applicant’s annual rent must exceed 5% of the applicant’s income.
Proof of income received and rent and utility payments made in calendar year 2019 must be provided.