Who we are – Content by Judy

Somehow, we all need to help change the perception of what the definition of ‘old people’ really is. What a ‘senior’ is. What ‘old’ means.

We all have that picture in our head of what old is until we get there. Then ‘oh but that’s not me’.

Think about it… When you’re 13 – 30 is OLD! When you’re in your early 20’s – 45 is ancient! Never mind 65!!

Then you see a guy at the hardware store loading his truck. He offers to help you (you being 30) and you get to talking and then you realize he’s in his 70’s and not old at all.

Odds are that volunteer fireman that shows up is 50+ if not 70 because the younger generation doesn’t have time to volunteer.

You get to talking to a neighbor about your kids, school and all. She offers some help. You’re grateful. It’s really good advice that will help. Later you chuckle when you realize she could be your grandmother.

You then start looking around and realize the school crossing guard has been there for like 8 years and you know he started doing that after he had been retired for a while. The lady who just checked you out at the store has to be at least that old. And wait the delivery guy is retiring next month. Three teachers at school retired last year.

Then it’s like ‘Hey wait that will be me in 10 years. And I sure am NOT ‘old’.

We all need to keep in mind that all these ‘old’ people are much younger than people of the same age a generation or two ago. They are out there working, enjoying hobbies, volunteering, at the gym, hiking and exercising. They are on social media, online, and signing up on the dating sites. They are bloggers, shopping and surfing the web right along with the rest of us.

These ‘old’ people run marathons, play pickleball, go out dancing, and travel more than the rest of us.

I’ll bet a lot of people you see when you’re out and about that you might think are in their 50’s, are really in their 70’s. Those people you see who are ‘old’ are probably closer to 90. Yes!! 90!!

So, lets rethink what defines ‘old’. Let’s not dismiss an age group just because we think they are ‘old’. Remember if you’re lucky you’ll reach that point in your life. And when you do hope you are as young as today’s ‘old’ people!!

And reach out to those you think of as ‘seniors’ and make a friend – they are younger and more fun than you think!!