Fitness Programs

The Fitness Programs at the Groton Senior Center promote and maintain the physical abilities of participants and also group classes offer a chance to socialize with other class members and provide mental stimulation through music and physical motion.  Class sizes range from small Qi Gong classes to large Cardio Sculpt classes.

Music Programs

The music programs at the center provide an opportunity for seniors to develop their skills in music whether it is learning to read music, sing in harmony or learning to play piano.  The choruses also take a leadership role in the community by going out to entertain at adult day centers, nursing facilities and schools.


Programs in this category provide seniors with time to learn new skills in the areas of the arts, technology, health and more.  Through education the seniors develop and help maintain their mental abilities as well as support their self-esteem and creative needs.  Class sizes are small to medium.


A variety of choices for group play and individual play.  Promotes mental stimulation and provides for socialization.  Research has shown that Bingo and other games are good for the brain.  They stimulate memory, attention skills and have great social interaction which works on many parts of the brain.  Our games programs include a variety of levels from basic to more challenging options.

Social Scene

These are events often attached to meals that are offered to provide socialization and entertainment for seniors.  Most events have a meal or food attached to them. These include the afternoon teas, monthly birthday/anniversary parties, special breakfasts, club gatherings, dinner and movie nights, annual Gnog Show (formerly Gong Show), annual Great American Picnic, Luau, Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday dinner and Rotary dinners.  A regional dinner dance is held annually also to allow for socializing with friends from the other towns in the county.

Community Service Programs

These programs offer the seniors an opportunity to take a leadership role in community involvement either through sponsoring a community event or by participating in the community event.

Health Services

These services are provided to help seniors age at home and stay as well as possible.  Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the programs.

Nutrition Services 

In addition to health services, the nutrition programs offer the opportunity for improved nutrition for participants and also in some cases a way to socialize with other seniors in small to large groups.

Human Service programs

These programs also support seniors aging in place.  They promote individual self-efficacy in making better choices and decisions about their individual needs.

Transportation Services

These programs support aging in place and allow seniors to stay active in their community and at the center.

    Fall Luncheon 2015

    When you come in for class next week, don’t forget to sign up for our Fall Luncheon on Tuesday, Sept 15th at 11:30 am with Karen Wagner performing a musical walk down memory lane featuring hits from the 40’s to Broadway to Inspirational songs.  Be sure to register by Friday, September 11th.   Price is $13.50 per person. [Read more…]

    It Is Back To School Time And We Need To Take Attendance!

    Please sign in every day as it helps us with attendance recording which then allows us to better serve you. Attendance into the Senior Center and classes is extremely important. Rooms are booked on class attendance so the importance cannot be stressed enough on swiping in. Here is a quick refresher:

    • Everything on the touch screen is in time order.
    • Always swipe Daily Sign In please.
    • Once, you log in, each activity you touch will turn yellow with a check mark for your attendance.
    • There are multiple pages so please continue by hitting next page until you have logged all your class attendance/activities for that day.
    • Having lunch? Please be sure to hit the lunch button as well.
    • If you have questions on logging in please ask the front desk for assistance.

    Elegant Dining Delivery Program

    We are grateful to these Groton restaurants who donated meals in August

    Bayou Smokehouse
    214 Route 12, Groton

    Groton Townhouse
    355 Route 12, Groton

    Our monthly program is for those who are homebound or in need of a lift, we have a restaurant meal delivered to them with all the necessities. Know somebody who would appreciate this? Please call 860-441-6795.