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Scams Information

It seems that there is no end to the volume of calls and internet contacts we
are bombarded with. Unemployment benefits are taking the forefront now. The
way it works is that you receive a letter stating that you are approved for
unemployment benefits; a check may arrive and it looks legitimate BUT, you have never applied for or are eligible for unemployment. Red Flag! Don’t deposit the check!

Phone calls from individuals attempting to “update your Medicare Card” is
another problem. The caller is requesting personal information, lots of
information which you should not divulge! Medicare does not call you at random! Hang up!

Be wary of a call from your bank asking for your assistance in apprehending
a bank employee that they believe is embezzling funds. They ask you to use your
cellphone and to stay on the line with them; drive to your bank immediately and
withdraw cash. They ask what type of vehicle you will be driving and stay in
contact with you for the entire time you are driving to your banking institution.
They tell you to go into the bank and make a huge withdrawal. You are advised
not to speak with any bank employee about your involvement in catching the
employee in question and told to bring the funds to a waiting vehicle outside of
the bank. Money gone!!! You were just taken for your life savings and become the latest victim of a scam.

EOB? Do you look over your Explanation of Benefits from Medicare? It has
been reported that some individuals who have ordered one COVID-19 test kit was being charged for THREE. (And at a ridiculously high cost). When contacting Medicare, the individual was instructed to contact the Medicare Fraud Line! Be vigilant!

The perpetrators are always coming up with new gimmicks and ways of
convincing trusting, unsuspecting individuals that you need to put your trust in
them and not question the validity of what they are saying. It’s not wrong to hang up the telephone on someone either.

Senior Center & Senior Club News

The Montville Senior Center and the Montville Senior Club are now one entity. In the past, the Club dues were $10.00 yearly and there was no charge for Center dues. To make things much less complicated and more efficient, there is only one membership—the Montville SENIOR CENTER MEMBERSHIP. The annual membership dues are $25.00. (I am certainly able to work with any senior that cannot afford the membership dues, please come see me—we can
absolutely work this out) Though most folks have not had any issues, few have made indirect comments so I wanted to remind everyone the Montville is one of the only centers in our area and very few throughout our state that does not charge for most of our classes and programs. I spend a great deal of time writing grants and my dedicated staff and volunteers work very hard on all of our fundraisers so that we can offer these programs for free. The dinners that we have and our lunch program are fundraisers so that all of our seniors can participate in the programs without concern of being able to afford them.

For a quick breakdown:
$25.00 year = $2.08 a month = $0.48 a week = $0.06 a day


Instructors for one month range between = $200—$1,000 (per classes or programs) we presently offer over 30 programs (and can participate in all or some or none) seniors can also come down for coffee & pastry every morning (no additional charge), lunch daily ($1.00 donation request to help us off set items needed), socialization, health programs, computer use, library & more.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I am more than happy to address!

September is World Alzheimer’s Month

On Saturday, September 23, 2023 Griswold Seniors on the Move will be walking at Ocean Beach for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. If you would like to donate toward our walk, please send your donation to Griswold Senior Center by Monday, September 13th.  If you would like to walk with us please sign up!


Senior Farmers Market Vouchers Pick-up

Monday, August 7th at 11:00am


This Department of Agriculture program supports local farmers and provides fresh produce to low-income seniors in Connecticut. Benefits are used to purchase fruits, vegetables, fresh cut herbs and honey from certified CT Grown Farms at designated Farmer Markets or farm stands July through October.

You must register in advance.

If you cannot come in person, you can send a proxy. But registration is still required. Call for details.

Deterra Drug Deactivation Bags

An effective way to destroy unused, unwanted and expired medications with this safe medication disposal pouch you use at home.  Just add tap water, shake, and safely dispose in your trash.

Available at Reception.


Senior Farmers Market Program 2023

The Senior Farmer Market Nutrition Program has changed from a paper/check/voucher program to an Electronic Benefit Card! Benefits are used to purchase fruits, vegetables, fresh cut herbs and honey from certified CT Grown Farms at designated Farmer Markets or farm stands July through October. A list will be provided.

Who is eligible?

Recipients must be 60 years of age or older (some younger individuals in specific senior housing locations may also qualify)

AND have income at or less than 185% FPL AND have not received benefits yet this summer.

Household of 1 = $2,248 per month/$26,973 per year
Household of 2 = $3,041 per month/$36,482 per year

Limit one benefit card per person per year. Participants can have a Proxy to receive and/or redeem the vouchers with prior notification. Available while supplies last.

How do I get them?

Leave your name and phone number with Lisbon Senior Cente, we will pass these on to Senior Resources
(, and receive the and distribute the benefits to residents. For more information, contact:

Claudia Mejia, MS, RDN, CDN, CLC (860) 887-3561 ext. 114