Commission on Aging

On May 15, 1985, the Town of East Lyme passed an ordinance that created the Commission on Aging.  The Commission is a 7 member Board consisting of interested residents of the Town which must have minority representation.

The purpose of the Commission is to:

  1. Review and analyze the needs and conditions of the elderly persons of the Town in relation to housing, nutrition, employment, health, recreation, social services, transportation, and other matters and problems within the jurisdiction of the Commission.
  2. Plan, coordinate, develop and implement programs to meet the needs and to improve the conditions of the elderly persons of the Town, upon the Board’s own initiative or on the recommendations of the Senior Citizen Administrator.
  3. Through the Senior Center Director and others, as necessary, provide coordination of such plans and programs among all related services.

The monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month starting at 5pm. The meetings are held at the Senior Center and the public is welcome to attend. If a member of the public has a concern and wants to address the Board, there are two ways in which this can be handled. At the Board meeting, a person can address the Board during the Delegations section of the meeting. Or, a person can ask the Senior Center Director to add an item to the monthly meeting Agenda.

The current makeup of the Board is:

Joe Palazzo                  Chairperson

John Whritner            Vice-Chairperson

Ilene Harris                 Secretary/Treasurer

Marge Caste                Board Member

Barbara Smith            Board Member

Joan Bengston            Board Member

Michael Bekech          Board Member

Roseanne Hardy        Selectman and Ex-Officio


The East Lyme Senior Center can assist you or someone you know with regards to services available within our community. If you have questions, please call at 860-739-5859 for an appointment.


    Waterford Senior Services is offering a program, Open Doors, for those with mild to mid-stage memory loss, dementia, or cognitive challenges


    Tue and Thu 9am-2pm

    Serving Waterford, East Lyme and New London

    Waterford Senior Services is offering a program, Open Doors, for those with mild to mid-stage memory loss,dementia, or cognitive challenges. The program provides socialization, stimulating activities, a comfortable environment, and a place for participants to achieve success. Please contact Senior Services at 860-444-5839 to request an enrollment packet or to learn more about this program.

    There is no fee to attend Open Doors. Donations are accepted. This program is supported by the Senior Resources – Agency on Aging with Title III funds made available under the Older Americans Act. All older persons age 60+ are eligible for services


    Thursday, May 30th- The East Lyme Library Foundation Presents: Health, Wellness, and Longevity How to live your life longer and better

    Time: 7:00pm

    Location: East Lyme Community Center

    Dr. Geoffrey Tremont and Dr. Cooney will be the guest speakers. In addition, availability and accessibility of support services for older individuals in SECT will be discussed. Dr. Tremont is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Brown University and will share his expertise in cognitive function discussing normal patterns of aging, psychological aging, and memory loss and its prevention.

    Dr. Cooney is a Professor of Medicine in Internal Medicine, Geriatric, and Rheumatology at Yale University and will speak in-depth on adaption ot getting older, both physically and cognitively.

    Please call the East Lyme Public Library to register for this free event at 860-739-6926. Transportation can be provided upon request but the ride reservation must be made by Fri, May 24th.

    Thursday, May 29th- White House Memories

    Time: 6:00pm

    Former White House butler, Alan DeValerio, will tell you about his personal experience working in the White House. From providing inside details about all the preparations involved in White House entertainment to sharing stories of taking care of our First Families since the Franklin Roosevelt administration, he will relate his first-hand experiences with history. His book, A History of Entertaining in the Modern White House, will be available for purchase. This program is brought to you by the East Lyme Public Library and the East Lyme Senior Center.

    Program registration is required. Please contact the Library at 860-739-6926. Transportation can be provided upon request but ride reservation must be made by Fri, May 24th.


    Senior Nutrition Program

    The Senior Center and TVCCA provide lunches with a 24 hour reservation Monday through Friday at 11:45am. Monthly menus are printed in the Senior Center’s monthly newsletter – The Courier. $3.00 suggested donation.

    Meals on Wheels

    The Senior Center and TVCCA provide Meals on Wheels Monday through Friday to East Lyme adults age 60 and over who are temporarily or long term homebound. Please contact TVCCA for eligibility at 860-885-2745.