Need to relax? Muscles or joints sore? Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage. Antonelle Dawley, licensed therapeutic massage therapist is here to help! Gift certificates are available.

SCHEDULE (by appointment only):

Wednesday 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Thursdays 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Fridays 10:00 am to 2:00 pm


Mini-Massage 15 minutes: $10.00

30 minute massage: $30.00

60 minute massage: $55.00

Stop by the front desk or call the Groton Senior Center, 860-441-6785, to book your appointment.




Community Room – $175 + $25/hour after hours 150 people max.
Large Classroom – $125 + $25/hour after hours 30 people max.
Small Classroom – $75 + $25/hour after hours 20 people max.

GSC GSC room ii GSC room

    Membership dues are due!

    Membership dues are due.

    Only $5 annually

    Sept 1, 2019– August 31, 2020


    Thursday, September 12th- Life Care Planning

    Time: 1:00pm

    Tips & Techniques For Successful, Empowered Living and Aging

    Anne-Marie Foster, BS, RRT Geriatric Care Manager and Legal Assistant

    Law Office of Richard D. Dixon

    An educational workshop to provide you with a framework to help you retain your independence and autonomy, simplify your financial, legal and health care planning, and bring you peace of mind.

    • Are you concerned about how to help loved ones as they age?
    • Are you worried about leaving behind unfinished business or coping with the aftermath of a loved one’s unresolved affairs?
    • Do you find yourself worrying about the future – your own or that of a loved one?
    • Are you apprehensive about outliving your money?
    • Are you concerned about retaining your independence and autonomy as you age?


    Fit & Strong- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

    Time- 12:30pm – 2:00pm

    Do you difficulty standing up from a chair?  Is it hard to get out of the car?  Are you using a walker? Fit & Strong! is an award-winning physical activity program for older adults. who have significant functional and physical activity

    Will now meet Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 12:30pm to 2pm.
    8 weeks  $48

    Change in days 9/1/19

    Tech Talk for September and October- Thursdays

    Time: 9:ooam – 10:00am

    Cost: $1.00

    September 5 Virus Protection

    September 12  Accessibility Cell Settings

    September 19   Working with Photos

    September 26  GSC Online Sign Up

    October 3  Files and Folders

    October 10   Saving Options

    October 17  Email Options/ Tips

    October 24  Online Tutorial

    October 31 Q and A


    This coming Saturday, August 31st, is our MONTHLY DISCOUNT MOVIE MORNING at Mystic Luxury Cinemas

    FEATURED MOVIE: The Peanut Butter Falcon
    SATURDAY AUGUST 31ST, 2019 10:30 A.M.
    27 Coogan BLVD Mystic CT

    $10.00 INCLUDES MOVIE, SODA AND POPCORN.  Open to all participants of the Groton Senior Center.

    Be sure to register at the front desk so that you will be guaranteed a seat at the theater. Registrations will not be accepted after Friday August 30th at 4:00 pm. For more information or to register call 860-441-6785