Connecticut law provides for a $3,000 assessment exemption for taxpayers who are legally blind. Proof of the blindness (certification by a qualified medical practitioner) must be presented to the Assessor prior to October 1 in order for the exemption to be applied to that assessment year’s tax bill.
    Connecticut law also provides for a $1,000 exemption for totally disabled persons who are receiving benefits under a federal, state or local retirement plan, which contains requirements comparable to those of the Social Security Administration. Proof of disability must be presented to the Assessor prior to October 1 in order for the exemption to be applied to that assessment year’s taxes.
    Homeowners who are totally disabled may also be qualified for tax credits under the State-sponsored Homeowners Program even if they have not reached age 65. Please refer to the information in this brochure under the title “Property Tax Credits for Senior and Disabled Persons.”


    Property tax credits from $150 to $1,250 from total tax are available for low-income seniors or disabled homeowners on their primary residence. Eligibility for the “Homeowner’s Program” is based on the following criteria:
    Property owner who is at least 65 years old as of December 31 proceeding the filing period or is at least 50 years old and the widow(er) of a previously approved applicant is eligible. Totally disabled taxpayers regardless of age may also be eligible upon presentation of a Social Security Award Letter or an SSA-1099 with Medicare premiums, or proof of benefits comparable to those of the Social Security Administration. Property must be owned or held in “life use” by the applicant as of October 1 of the year prior to the application period and at the time of application.

    Income limits are determined annually by the State of Connecticut.* “Income” is considered income from all sources, including tax-exempt interest and Social Security. The income limit for the 2019 tax year is $45,100 for couples and $37,000 for single applicants. Applications must be renewed every two years between February 1 and May 15. Applicants must bring with them copies of their Federal Income Tax (if filed) and their SSA-1099. If taxes are not filed, applicant must provide statements of all income sources (pensions, interest income, SSA-1099, etc.)

    *Qualifying Income thresholds are based on Connecticut Office of Policy & Management guidelines set annually.

    TVCCA Meals on Wheels

    If you are unable to leave your home you can start receiving Meals-on-Wheels.   Contact TVCCA at 860-934-1006 to get set up

    New 8 passenger Van with a wheelchair lift

    We are very excited to announce our new Senior Center mini bus! We now have an 8 passenger with a wheelchair lift vehicle available for rides for all Lisbon residents over 55.

    Our new bus is ready to bring you to your doctor appointments, pharmacy, shopping, bank, hair salon and more.

    Call us at 860-376-2329 for the details on our hours for rides.