Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Relief Program

    The application-filing period for the Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Relief program will be from February 1st through May 15th. The qualifying income guidelines for the Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Relief Program for applications to be filed for the 2017 Benefit year are $35,300.00 for an unmarried individual and $43,000. for married persons. If you are currently participating in the Homeowner Program and need to reapply, you will receive notice form the Preston Assessor’s Office advising you of that requirement.
    Applicants will need to provide proof of all sources of income including but not limited to Social Security, pensions, interest statements, employment, etc. If you have filed Income Tax (2017), a copy of the signed and dated document is necessary to provide as well. Appointments may be scheduled by telephoning 860-887-5581 extension 6. If we are unable to accept your call immediately, please leave your name, telephone number and a brief message regarding the nature of your call.


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    TVCCA Café Program

    Each Monday morning, except for legal holidays, the Preston Senior Center participates in the TVCCA Café Program. Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. and there is a suggested donation of $3.00 per person. Persons 60 years of age and older are eligible to participate in the program. Residency is not a requirement to join with us for lunch. (Persons who are under the age of 60 years are CHARGED a higher fee for participation). The TVCCA’s Senior Nutrition Program is supported by Senior Resources on Aging with Title 111 funds made available under the Older Americans Act. Registrations are necessary for participation in the meal program. Updated information on the days menu may be obtained by contacting the Preston Senior Center at 860-889-0770. Our senior center is located at 42 Long Society Road, Preston.