Afghan Raffle Winner!

    Congratulations to Carol Chapman who won the beautiful white and red flower crocheted afghan which was recently being raffled off.  Thank you to all who purchased tickets to the raffle!  The proceeds will be used towards future programs at the Senior Center.


    Community Yard Sale…Thank You!

    Thank you to the wonderful Senior Center volunteers Marge Cohen, Paulette Devino, Martha Jancewicz, Cora Landry and Anna Parrish who helped with collecting items and at the yard sale this year!

    Thank you to the Norwich Police Dept. for giving out free pet food and for the amazing donation of $263 which they collected during the Yard Sale!

    Thank you to Senior Affairs Commission members Frank Jacaruso and Jackie Randall and to Senior Center member Yvette Jacaruso who had a table distributing information about the Senior Center and signing up new members!

    Thank you to everyone who donated items which were sold at the Senior Center tables.  With your donations, it helped us raise approximately $1,050 which will be used towards future classes and events!


    Farmer’s Market Coupons

    Will be distributed on: Wednesday, July 18th from 9:00 a.m. – Noon

    Farmer’s Market coupons are available to low income seniors who meet certain eligibility requirements.

    You must meet the following Eligibility Requirements in order to receive a coupon booklet:

    ¨ You must be 60 years or older

    ¨ Yearly income not to exceed $22,459 for single or $30,451 for couple

    ¨ Must be participating in another need based program that verifies income eligibility such as Renter’s Rebate, Congregate Meal Program, Medicaid, SNAP (Foodstamps), etc.

    ¨ You must be a resident of the town you receive the coupon booklet from.

    ¨ If you are under 60 and disabled you must meet all other eligibility requirements and live in subsidized housing to be eligible


    CONTENT BY JUDY – Perennials, Active Agers, Baby boomers

    Just what are we? And are you paying attention to us??

    A search for a term that doesn’t offend is taking place. Trying to avoid terms like senior citizen, retiree, elder and the elderly. The question becomes what do we call everyone 55+?

    Terms are materializing that are perhaps more appropriate and appealing.

    The term, Baby Boomer was created and has been used since all those World War II babies were being born. This group has changed and revolutionized the United States as the have passed though each phase of aging. And they will and are changing and redefining the term senior each day. Just look around – they are not stationary, boring or old.

    The title, Perennial has been around for several years now and refers to blooming again and again. And yes, we do that again and again during our lives. We become young adults striking out on our own. We become homeowners, parents. So forth and so on as we parade along the paths of our lives. Ever changing and blossoming into the “new” me.

    Active Ager is a newer term and defines seniors as young at heart, tech-loving, gym-using, trend setting, fun-seeking marketer’s dream. This term might be the best fitting so far as each generation is truly younger than the generation before them.

    Whatever term you use 55+ adults are strong, happy, healthy. They are using and buying what they choose. They want the same products all ages want and use. They are not to be overlooked as they are living longer, working longer, staying healthier and maintaining their independent as well.

    Call them what you will but remember they spend $2.9 trillion on products and services each year.


    Looking for people Interested in Beginner Tai Chi – Fridays

    Time: 1:45pm- 3:00pm

    Interested in learning Tai Chi?  This class is for you!  Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise using graceful movements to connect the mind and body.  Sometimes described as “meditation in motion”, Tai Chi is used for stress reduction and to help with a variety of other health conditions. This class is for beginners with no experience or limited experience.  Start date of class TBD in the Fall.

    Minimum number of participants needed in order to start the class.
    Please leave your Name & Telephone Number at Reception if interested.
    Classes are open to members of the Rose City Senior Center only.  Not a member yet?  Sign up today!