Community Chorus: “Join Tono Dolce on a musical tour singing Disney favorites on Saturday, May 14th at 7:00pm

    GNL Church (Groton New London), 151 Shewville Road, Mystic, Ct. The Concert will be in person and live-streamed. Directed by Luke Kalbach. Accompanied by Kathleen Bartkowski. Free  admission with refreshments to follow. For mor information, visit” (This is a Ledyard Community Chorus event).

    Call senior center for more information at 860-887-5581 Ext: 6


    Monday afternoons are set aside as a special game day, bring your own
    or use the games that we have available. The center is open from 1:00 – 3:00
    p.m. each Monday (excluding holidays). Or, drop in on Tuesday and Thursday
    afternoons from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. and join in with friends and neighbors playing
    Pitch, Rummikub, Cribbage, etc.


    We have an over abundance of puzzles ranging from easy to very, very
    challenging. You can borrow one, bring one here or work on the puzzle at the
    senior center at your own pace. We welcome everyone to come to the center,
    pull up a comfy chair and relax while enjoying the pleasure of creating a masterpiece.

    *What’s on the Menu?

    3rd Monday each month, 1-2pm. Chat with a Registered
    Dietitian ask questions and discuss current topics. By Zoom with pre-registration G2

    Diet is a 4-letter word

    Diet is a 4-letter word but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Have you learned
    anything from past programs you have tried? Consider evaluating the good and
    bad with a Pro-Con-Pro format of thinking. Were there aspects of a diet plan that
    fit well to you? Did you discover foods that you truly do not like? Putting some
    thought into what you do or don’t want to do regarding eating is very important
    to creating a personalized plan to meet your health goals. You are the most
    important person in deciding what will work for you. Consider keeping a journal
    of what you eat and drink along with monitoring your feelings and observations
    related to this as well as your activity. Were you hungry? Was the meal easy to
    prepare? Did you feel full between meals? Were your medical conditions
    improved? Etc. Healthy eating is a lifetime endeavor for a healthy life.