Commission on Aging

On May 15, 1985, the Town of East Lyme passed an ordinance that created the Commission on Aging.  The Commission is a 7 member Board consisting of interested residents of the Town which must have minority representation.

The purpose of the Commission is to:

  1. Review and analyze the needs and conditions of the elderly persons of the Town in relation to housing, nutrition, employment, health, recreation, social services, transportation, and other matters and problems within the jurisdiction of the Commission.
  2. Plan, coordinate, develop and implement programs to meet the needs and to improve the conditions of the elderly persons of the Town, upon the Board’s own initiative or on the recommendations of the Senior Citizen Administrator.
  3. Through the Senior Center Director and others, as necessary, provide coordination of such plans and programs among all related services.

The monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month starting at 5pm. The meetings are held at the Senior Center and the public is welcome to attend. If a member of the public has a concern and wants to address the Board, there are two ways in which this can be handled. At the Board meeting, a person can address the Board during the Delegations section of the meeting. Or, a person can ask the Senior Center Director to add an item to the monthly meeting Agenda.

The current makeup of the Board is:

Joe Palazzo                  Chairperson

John Whritner            Vice-Chairperson

Ilene Harris                 Secretary/Treasurer

Marge Caste                Board Member

Barbara Smith            Board Member

Joan Bengston            Board Member

Michael Bekech          Board Member

Roseanne Hardy        Selectman and Ex-Officio


The East Lyme Senior Center can assist you or someone you know with regards to services available within our community. If you have questions, please call at 860-739-5859 for an appointment.


    COVID 19 Status Update

    At this time, there is no time table for re-opening the Senior Center. Updates on our status will be posted on the East Lyme Town Hall website –, and the East Lyme Senior Center page on the SECT regional senior center website –, the Senior Center Facebook page and on the Senior Center answering machine.

    Senior Center Phone Number is 860-739-5859


    The in-home version of the popular Live Well with Chronic Conditions workshop is now available to seniors in the comfort of their home without having to use technology beyond the telephone. The toolkit can be sent directly to participants at no cost and includes a Living a Healthy Life Book, instruction booklet and exercise and relaxation CDs. Weekly phone calls from a trained Live Well leader enhances the experience and can help to alleviate social isolation during the COVID-19 epidemic.

    Please note there is a limited supply of toolkits. Participants must be willing to share their name, address and phone number so the toolkit can be mailed directly to them and the leader can place the weekly call. Calls are approximately 45 minutes in length and take place conference-call style to 4 -6 participants. There is a 2 -3 week lead time to start once participants have enrolled.

    Participants will learn about:
    • Physical activity, exercise and healthy eating
    • Dealing with difficult emotions
    • Decision-making and communications skills
    • Working with healthcare providers
    • Action Planning

    Contact Lori Rygielski, Regional Coordinator
    860-887-3561 Ext. 127
    Sponsored by the Department of Rehabilitation Service – the State Unit on Aging – Senior Resources Area Agency on Aging


    As we are in Phase 2 and older adults are still being asked to stay safe and stay home, we know folks are in need of some human contact. We have East Lyme High School students who  want to reach out to you and chat. Nothing heavy, just a “Hey how are you?” “Can we do anything for you?” check in phone call. Who’s interested?? Call the Senior Center office and let us know.


    If you are interested in donating and/or receiving jigsaw puzzles, let the Senior Center know. We can set up an exchange so folks have different puzzles to work on without having to spend any money!

    Call us at 860-739-5859 with your donation and/or you request for a puzzle.


    Hello friends. The staff of the Senior Center are still out delivering MOWs. We are also processing Rent Rebate  applications as well as assisting residents with Medicare issues. This is all being done via drop off boxes and phone calls. If you need help with these matters or any other issues, we can be reached at the office (860-739-5859).

    The State of Connecticut is now in Phase 2 of re-opening. Each phase lasts at least 4 weeks. In Phase 2, people who are 65+ and/or who are high risk (comorbidities) should continue to stay safe and stay home. All people should be wearing a mask or face covering if they are in public and cannot maintain a 6 foot minimum from other people.
    Running programs at the Senior Center does not appear likely until, at the earliest, August. The Center will also have to enforce the face mask/covering recommendation as well as the social distance requirement. As always, washing your hands and keeping them away from your face is still a very good defense against COVID-19. In July, we will resume a very limited transportation service. Call the Senior Center office with any questions.