Technology Help- Wednesdays at 2:30pm

    Need help with your computer, tablet or cell phone! Call us and reserve an appointment with a student from EL High.
    Register by Mon of each week.


    Are you on Medicare and paying for your Part B premium?
    If your monthly incomes is less than $2,786 (gross) as a single or $3,754 (gross) as a couple per month, you could be eligible for the Medicare Savings Program (MSP).

    Depending upon your income level, you could be eligible for 3 benefits.
    1. The MSP will pay for the Part B premium for Medicare coverage.
    2. You would be eligible for the Low Income Subsidy which pays the full monthly premium of a Medicare Part D (prescription coverage) benchmark plan, or a portion of a non-benchmark plan, yearly deductibles and co-insurance, or co-pays. It also allows you to change your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plans outside of the open enrollment period.
    3. You may be eligible for the MSP to act as your supplemental health insurance.

    If you would like more information or would like to apply for this program, call the Senior Center office.

    REFLEXOLOGY- Wednesday, June 15th starting at 1:00pm

    The massage will be about 20 minutes which includes a foot soak.
    Certified Reflexologist – $5pp upon registration
    Appointments start at 1pm
    Certified Reflexologist
    Register with the Senior Center.


    The Renter Rebate Program through the State of CT provides a rebate for renters who are elderly or disabled. Applications for the program are available until October 1st. Please call the Senior Center for an appointment.

    To be eligible:
    1. An applicant or the spouse must be 65 or older; or be 100% disabled (per Social Security); or be 50 and a surviving spouse of a previous applicant.
    2. Must have lived in CT for 1 year.
    3. Total 2021 income which includes Social Security must not exceed:
    $38,100 for a single person
    $46,400 for a married couple
    4. 35% of of the applicant’s rent must exceed 5% of the applicant’s income

    Proof of income received and rent and utility payments made in calendar year 2021 must be provided.
    For residents living at either Twin Haven or the AHEPA housing complexes, you will be contacted.