Cost: $10 per person

    Menu: Corned Beef, Cabbage, Boiled Potatoes, Carrots, Bread, Dessert, Coffee and Tea

    St. Patrick’s Day Themed Entertainment by ‘Songbird’ Judy Hall Gray

    Tickets available at Reception Desk starting Monday, February 5th

    Last Day to Purchase Tickets: Wednesday, March 7th (or until we sell out).

    Content by Judy

    2018 brings successes and challenges. As I look back I see the 50% growth of As I look forward I see the challenge of matching that 50% growth plus expanding Jencks Network. I’m thankful for what has happened and hopeful of what the future holds.

    And that brings me to this little ditty I wrote…

    What is old??  Me? NO!  You? NO!  Them?? Of course, it’s them… not us! Right!

    Is old turning 40? 50?  Oh, wait I’m past those, so it must be 70…80…90???

    Hey all I know is it’s not me right now. I don’t feel old – however that feels –  and I sure as heck don’t look my age – as I stamp my foot!

    So, if we are not old….

    Then we can and will do everything we have ever done. Right?

    We will continue to learn and do new things.

    We will be trendsetters.

    We will reinvent ourselves again!

    We will find new paths.

    We will not say “Oh I’m too old for that”

    We will not say “I can’t do that.”

    We will not say “I always wanted to do that.”

    We will not say “If I was younger…”

    I know what I will do!

    I will take smart risks.

    I will set attainable goals.

    I will reach for the impossible.

    I will push forward, and I hope you join me on the aging journey!!

    Because if we don’t age in a positive fashion…..

    – tell me what the alternative is!

    -Judy Jencks

    Christmas Day Party Wrap Up

    The Christmas Party on the 25th of December at the Senior Center was a success again this year!

    While snow did stop a few folks from being able to make the event, those who were able to make it to the Senior Center enjoyed great food, fun and a visit from Santa.   Thanks to everyone who donated food, money and time for this special day.  A special thank you to the City of Norwich Maintenance Department employees who plowed and shoveled to help make the event safe.  Without all of their help this year, the party might not have been able to happened.

    It was great to see Betty, as she continues to be involved after running the party for so many years.  The new and old volunteers who braved the snow to helped were exceptional and we could not have done it without you.  A special THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered and helped out!

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all. See you all again next year!

    Celia Siefert, the “Christmas Dinner Lady”


    Tuesday: February 13th- Stroke Awareness Presentation: Prevention, Signs, Symptoms and Treatment- Presented By: Backus Hospital

    Time: 10:30am

    Join us for this hour long presentation by Melissa Lawson, RN, Stroke Program Coordinator at Backus Hospital.  At this presentation, learn about stroke prevention, the signs and symptoms of a person having a stroke and stroke patient treatment and recovery.  Time for questions and answers will follow the presentation.  Hope you join us for this important and informative presentation.
    Please sign up with Receptionist if you will be attending.