Bridge * – Wednesdays

    * This is an advanced level group. Limited space may be available.

    Wednesdays at 12:45 in the card room

    Tuesdays- Mahjong – Beginners Class **Cancelled**

    Time: 9:30-11:00am

    Have you always wanted to learn the game Mahjong? Now is your chance!
    Mahjong is a Chinese game of skill, strategy and calculation using tiles with symbols and pictures. It is played similar to the card game Rummy in that you “draw” and “discard” tiles in an attempt to match them to win the game. Hope you join us!

    Wednesday, November 14th- Know the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease- Presentation by Kristine Johnson, Eastern Regional Director – Alzheimer’s Association

    Time: 10:00am

    Join us for this informative presentation on the 10 early warning signs of Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills.  This presentation will help differentiate between normal age related forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s disease indicators.   This talk is recommended for anyone

    who is interested in learning more about the early detection of Alzheimer’s and related dementias; and will give you a better understanding of those suffering from this disease.

    Sign up at reception if you will be attending.


    Wednesday, October 24th- Snap, Crackle, Pop! Why Does my Shoulder Hurt? Presentation by Dr. Nimit Patel from Orthopedic Partners

    Time: 10:00am

    Join us for this presentation by Dr. Nimit Patel from Orthopedic Partners.  Dr. Patel will be discussing shoulder problems, including conservative and operative treatments involving the rotator cuff.

    Dr. Patel is a Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeon, specializing in sports medicine, arthroscopy, cartilage restoration, fracture care and osteoarthritis.

    Sign up at Reception if you will be attending.