Wednesday, August 22th- Lyme Disease

    Time: 10:30am

    Please join us for this presentation by Dr. Michael Kilgannon, Medical Director at St. Joseph Living Center in Windham.  Learn about Lyme Disease and the different forms this disease has.  Dr. Kilgannon will also be discussing signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease along with treatment options available.  There are many other tick borne diseases besides Lyme Disease and some others will also be discussed.  Light refreshments will be served.

    Please sign up at Reception if you will be attending.


    Thank you Knitting Group!

    The Rose City Senior Center Knitting and Crocheting group makes and donates afghans to ECHO at Backus Hospital to be distributed to cancer patients.  Recently the group received this thank you letter:

    Dear Knitting Group,

    I am a breast cancer patient who received a beautiful afghan last week at ECHO.  I am on an oral chemo pill which gave me 2 weeks of diarrhea.  I was at ECHO for hydrating IV’s 4 times in one week.  I received the afghan on my 2nd day and it warmed me up so well! It was made with blocks of various green squares.  Lovely!  At home I use it when I take naps and at bedtime at night. 

    Thank you for your talents and kind generosity.

    Thank you Knitting Group for all that you do!