Applications for the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program are being taken at the New London office of TVCCA. This year, due to the COVID pandemic, phone applications will be processed by TVCCA. In order to set up a phone appointment with TVCCA, you will need to call 860-425-6681. They will provide you with further details.

    The Senior Center will assist the Senior and Disabled population of East Lyme with their applications. Please call the Senior Center at 860-739-5859 for instructions on how your application will be processed. For residents who reside in Twin Haven and the AHEPA housing complexes, letters will be sent to you with your instructions.

    To be eligible:

    1. In a one-person household, income can be NO greater than $36,645. In a two-person household, income can be NO greater than $49,228.
    2. If you are a renter, the first $12,000.00 in liquid assets is disregarded. Any amount over that limit, when added to the annual gross income must be below the income guidelines.
    3. If you are a homeowner, the first $15,000.00 in liquid assets is disregarded. Any amount over that limit, when added to the annual gross income must be below the income guidelines.


    The following information is required:

    1. Proof of income sources: copy of most recent monthly (quarterly, annual) check or copy of an award letter or copy of most recent bank statement showing the direct deposit. If you are employed you must provide a copy of your four most recent consecutive pay stubs.
    2. Dividends, annuities or interest income (has to be more than $10/month). Copy of a statement for the most recently completed period.
    3. Proof of what you pay for rent. In addition, the name, address and telephone number of your landlord is required. If you are a homeowner and pay a mortgage, you must provide proof of your mortgage payment.
    4. If you have a checking and/or savings account, you must bring in the most recent ENTIRE statement.
    5. If natural gas or electricity heats the household, bring in the most recent ENTIRE statement.


    Please remember all members of the household who receive income must report their income.


    SENIOR & DISABLED HOMEOWNERS’ TAX RELIEF 2021 ***Deadline May 15***

    The State of Connecticut offers a state run Elderly Tax Benefit known as the Circuit Breaker. It is for eligible real estate taxpayers within the Town of East Lyme. To apply, you must have reached the age of 65 prior to December 31, 2020 or be totally disabled if under the age of 65. You are applying for a credit on the taxes due on your primary residence in East Lyme. Under the law, Social Security income MUST be declared and the program requires you to provide information regarding all GROSS income received during 2020.

    The new income limit, including GROSS income and Social Security:

    $45,800 for married couples and

    $37,600 for single persons.

                            LOCAL TAX CREDIT OPTION:

    Also, the Town of East Lyme provides on Additional Tax Relief for elderly and totally disabled homeowners. The new income limit, including GROSS income and Social Security is

    $45,800 regardless of marital status.  For further information, contact the Assessor’s Office at the Town Hall.


    Filing dates for the above programs are February 1, through May 15, 2021.

    Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, if you are already on the program, you do not need to re-apply this year. You will be automatically renewed and will not have to reapply until 2023. Anyone new will need to contact the Assessor’s Office to an appointment and you will be met outside.

    The Town Hall is currently closed to the public.  There is also a Veteran’s Exemption that is available. For more information, contact the Assessor’s Office.



    Thu, April 8th at 1pm- Webinar: Home Safety & Fall Reduction for the Older Adult

    In this free, LIVE webinar session, join resource coordinator, Marc Levesque, to learn more about aging considerations work knowing in terms of environmental modifications, fall prevention, and polypharmacy dangers to make home even safer. Q&A with the expert will follow the presentation.

    To register for any HHC virtual class, please call 1-855-442-4373 or visit Once registered you will receive an email with easy instructions on joining the virtual class.

    Sponsored by: Hartford HealthCare


    National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is a safe, convenient, and responsible way to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs that are currently sitting in your home. The East Lyme Police Department has a Drop Box located in its Lobby so residents can safely dispose of prescription drugs. The Drop Box is available while the PD is open so you don’t have to wait until the 24th of April.

    The October 2020 Take Back Day brought in 985,392 pounds (492.7 tons) of medication. This is the largest amount ever collected in the program’s ten years!

    AARP TAX-AIDE 2021


    If you have not already contacted the   Senior Center office, there are no available appointments.

    You can contact T.V.C.C.A. and inquire about their V.I.T.A. program (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) to see if they have any available appointments.


    The AARP Tax-Aide program provides free tax counseling and preparation for middle to low-Income taxpayers with special attention to those people aged 60 and over.  Because of COVID-19 concerns, the process will be different this year. Please call the Senior Center at 860-739-5859 for details.

    Taxpayers must provide their:

    1. Personal Identification and Social Security Number,
    2. Copies of your 2020 Federal and Connecticut tax returns, and
    3. All 2020 income reports that have been received: (SSA-1099, all 1099s, all W-2s, Unemployment Compensation forms), Brokerage Statements, and all  other forms that indicate Federal and/or Connecticut income taxes were paid in 2020.