See what’s happening at the East Lyme Senior Center!

    EAST LYME PLAYERS – Drama Club

    Drama Club2The East Lyme Players are looking for people who are interested in exploring the theater experience, whether it be on the stage or back stage. No experience necessary. All skill levels welcome. No memorizing of lines. 17 weeks. $125pp. Starting on September 6th. Show week is December 5th.

    Joyce Beauvais is the Director.

    OVER THE HILL GANG Hiking on Fridays

    Couple Hiking

    Fri mornings starting September 7th through October 26th

    Time: 9am

    For a list of hikes come to the Senior Center.
    Hikes are local and away.  We will transport for away hikes @ $5pp.

    Directions will be provided. Call to register and for more information.

    Wear sturdy shoes – Bring a bottle of water, snack, sunscreen & bug spray.


    5th ANNUAL PIG ROAST @ McCOOK’S POINT PARK – September 5th

    Entertainment provided by: Michael Ciulla “Songs for Seniors”

    Roast Pork – 3 Bean Salad – Potato Salad

    Corned Bread – Watermelon

    Cost: $10pp

    Wednesday, September 5th

    Lunch served at 2pm

    Registration has begun

    Must register by August 31st


    “You’re not too old and it’s not too late” – Rainer Maria Rilke – Content by Judy

    Have you heard this statement? Now think about it…
    As we work longer and care for others, time for ourselves can be limited but that lack of social engagement does affect our brain health as well. Now you might ask how do I increase my interactions with others?
    Think of those things you would like to do. Make a written list. Explore other ideas. A book club, a dance class, lunch out, a day trip, learning a new skill. Whatever it is, now look for those things on your list. Ahh, they have that very thing at your Senior Center, Parks and Rec, Adult Ed…
    Now to go for the first time. Just how scary is that. Yup, that’s why you haven’t gone in the past, isn’t it? You don’t know anyone who will go with you and you don’t want to go alone…
    Do you remember your first day of school? The first day of every new school you ever went to? The first day of every new job? The first day at a new church? The first time you went to a new doctor’s office?
    All of those were scary too! But you got very comfortable in a short period of time didn’t you? Most times it worked out really well by the end of the first week.
    Well do the same thing now. Pick that thing you have always wanted to do. Sign up. Then show up. There will be other people there for their first time as well. In a few visits you’ll be making new friends and perhaps finding folks you know from the past.
    But now you’ll be getting out, having some “me” time and experiencing new activities and making new friends. All very good things to be doing!
    Give it a try! “You’re not too old and it’s not too late” – Rainer Maria Rilke

    STORM PREPAREDNESS SERIES – Wednesdays in August

    Time: 10am

    Wed, August 1st:

    Be stormed prepared

    Wed, August 8th: 

    Getting your go-pack ready: financial records and important household papers

    Wed, August 15th:

    Stocking up – preparing your emergency food supply

    Must register