Programs – The Senior Center plans events on a monthly basis. Below is a listing for what generally occurs. For more details on events not listed below, check the Calendar Section and/or the News Section.

Fitness – Participants can trial any class without obligation. Please notify the Senior Center office if you are trialing a class.

All participants are encouraged to participate at their level of fitness/comfort. Any physical concerns are to be addressed to your personal physician. Questions about modifying the routines are to be directed to your instructor. All instructors are CPR certified and qualified in the class they are teaching.

Classes that utilize the Pass System: With the Pass System, the participant purchases a card which has a specific number of classes on it that must be used within one year of purchase. The Pass must be brought to every class. Attendance will be tracked and when your “punches” are used, a new pass must be purchased.

Classes that are Session Based: These classes will have a specific start and end date. Participants can elect to attend all of the classes or half of the classes. Class sessions typically run for 2 months.

Music Classes – Explore your creative side and challenge yourself mentally by learning to play an instrument.

Education/Enrichment Classes – Learn new skills in the areas of the arts, technology, health and more.  Through education develop and help maintain your mental abilities as well as enhance your self-esteem and creative needs. Explore and develop your interests.

Cards/GamesA variety of choices for group play and individual play. Promotes mental stimulation and provides for socialization. They stimulate memory, attention skills and have great social interaction which works on many parts of the brain.  Our games programs include a variety of levels from basic to more challenging options.

Social Scene – The Senior Center plans, often with meals, events that are offered to provide socialization and entertainment. Any excuse for a party is considered whether it be to celebrate a National Holiday or just to have some fun. A regional dinner dance is held annually also to allow for socializing with friends from the other towns in the county.

Health Services – These services are provided to help older adults age at home and stay as well as possible.  Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the programs.

Nutrition Services – The Senior Nutrition Program, administered by TVCCA, offers nutritious meals on Tuesday through Friday at 11:45am. You must register for a lunch at least 24 hours in advance.

    Carfit Virtual Workshop

    Carfit Virtual Workshop

    Making sure that you and your vehicle fit well together can be as important to your safety as the mechanical check up. The new CarFit Virtual Workshop will provide an in-depth look at several key aspects involved in getting a proper fit in your vehicle. Learn about what to look for when it comes to fit, the everyday household objects you can use to measure and make adjustments, and how this may keep you safer on the road.


    During this FREE, 90-minute workshop you will learn:

    • Actions you can take to improve your fit in your personal vehicle.
    • How getting the proper fit in your vehicle may increase your safety and the safety of others on the road.
    • When and how to connect with professionals and trained volunteers who can help you achieve a better fit.


    Contact the Senior Center to receive registration information. Multiple dates are available for this on-line experience.


    OVER THE HILL HIKING GROUP- Friday mornings starting at 9:30 AM at hiking location

    All prospective hikers must call the Senior Center to register for each hike within seven days prior. There are no residency issues – we are looking for interested, enthusiastic folks.

    Participants must follow guidelines specified on registration form. Hikers are to bring face coverings (mandatory), water, lunches, insect repellant, sunscreen and sturdy shoes. Group size is limited to fifteen people, first come first served, along with one or two leaders. All distances are  estimates and may be modified by the leaders based on conditions the day of the hike.

    Hikes will be listed as easy, moderate or difficult. Anyone interested in a  difficult hike must have completed at least two of the moderate hikes before going on the difficult hike. Contact the Senior Center for a listing of the scheduled hikes.

    JUNE –  Rough outline. Subject to change

    6/4 – Copp (Groton Dog) Park off Rt 184

    6/11 – Niantic River Head Waters

    6/18 – Hike near Powers Lake

    6/25 – Oswegatchie Hills


    Hikes are limited to 15 participants.


    Wed, May 26th at 11am- Grab & Stay Picnic in a Bag

    GRAB & STAY PICNIC in a Bag

    Cost: $5pp

    Grilled chicken BBQ sandwich, macaroni salad, berries & cream for dessert. Bring your lawn chair and sit with us out in the parking lot.
    Registration begins May 1st.
    Register with the Senior Center by May 20th.

    Fri, May 21st from 1 to 2:30pm- CELEBRATE OLDER AMERICANS MONTH

    Featuring Cindy Eastman:

    Author of Flip-Flops After 50:

    And Other Thoughts on Aging I

    Remembered to Write Down.

    Cindy will share excerpts from her book and discuss the experience of writing.  Breakout into smaller groups and use writing prompts to practice finding your writing voice to celebrate your story!

    Register with the Senior Center by Wed, May 19th so you can get the Zoom invite.